Athlete of the Month - Chuck L

The 4D athlete of the month for December is Chuck L. Chuck has been with us a year and has made tremendous progress. Not many people are as "all in" as he is. He came to us last December after a 5:58 at River Roux and told me he wanted to qualify for Kona at IMFL and he would do the work necessary to make it happen. I admit that I had to settle him some and we worked out the plan. The result was just short of that goal but He absolutely CRUSHED IMFL and nearly got his slot to Kona finishing 35th overall and 4th in his AG in 9:59! Solidifying his selection for this honor.

Other Fun Facts about him:

1) he has triplets 2) He claims his wife is faster than jim even though she allows him to train his ass off 3) He gained 15 pounds since florida 4) He's a self proclaimed huge nerd - And has a 40 page excel file turning his garmin files into wind tunnel analysis 5) He's been listening to christmas music while running............. since october

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