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"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision."
Muhammad Ali





Some say the 4th Dimension is "Time" and time is, after all, what we as triathletes, runners, and cyclists are constantly chasing. The  central, core  philosophy of 4th Dimension Fitness is to develop your entire body to function optimally. This involves not only the body but the mind and the spirit as well.

Whether you are looking to lose a little weight, increase the effectiveness of your workout or compete in triathlon, 4th Dimension Fitness will help you get there.  We design a program that is specifically designed for YOU!  Cookie-cutter programs just aren't effective enough as hands on training.  Your fitness program deserve the best and we at 4th Dimension Fitness look forward to creating the training program that is right for you!

The Coaches
m.s. cscs

Will Jones has been working in exercise and health for over two decade. He spent time between undergraduate and graduate school working for the Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) in Lafayette, LA. While there, he was responsible for the pre and post operative exercise needs of patients with both cardiac and vascular problems. Upon leaving CIS he served as an Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer for Ochsner Hospital at the Elmwood Fitness Center in Harahan, LA. He then returned to graduate school at Louisiana State University where he served on the strength staff for its varsity athletic teams. After completing graduate school, LSU hired him as a full-time member of the coaching staff. He was directly involved in several Southeastern Conference Championships as well as the National Championship with the LSU Football team in 2003. While at LSU he worked personally with several Tiger athletes who have gone on to the professional ranks in football, baseball, track and softball. He also spent two years studying under legendary and hall of fame weightlifting coach Gayle Hatch in Baton Rouge. This study as well as his experience at LSU where he worked with nationally recognized strength coach Tom Moffitt, established him as an authority in weightlifting and strength and conditioning allowing him to be a featured speaker at the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Sports Specific Conference in Orlando Florida in 2004. He continues speak at clinics around the southeast United States.

Will gives credit to coach Moffitt for introducing him to the sport of cycling. It was a time in his athletic career where he could no longer play football and he was looking for some means to satisfy his competitive spirit. Having always been fascinated by human performance, cycling led him away from power sports into the world of the endurance athlete and triathlon. He was faced with new challenges unfamiliar to him as an athlete. Largely due to poor performances and a strong desire to improve and push his limits, he changed gears and began reading and studying everything he could regarding nutrition and endurance training. He became so passionate about triathlon that he left LSU to allow himself more time to train and ultimately race an Ironman triathlon. During this time he worked for Functionally Integrated Training and Therapy (FITT) training a wide variety of clients ranging from high school athletes to retired professionals.

His experience at FITT allowed him to set a schedule that not only provided the time necessary to train himself, but also to further his education in respect to training, nutrition and recovery. It was also during this period that he began to see the vision of what is now 4th Dimension Fitness. He founded 4th Dimension Fitness in 2008 with the four disciplines he is most passionate about as the corner stones of fitness; swimming, cycling, running, and weight training. These components along with quality nutrition and appropriate rest and recovery will allow you to reach your fitness goals.

B.S. Exercise ScienceUniversity of Louisiana - Lafayette

M.S. Education / Sports PsychologyLouisiana State University

Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistNSCA

Certified Endurance Sports CoachCHECK Studio - Encinitas, CA

United States Track and Field certified Track Coach(Level 1)

Trigger Point Therapist(U6) TPT

Egoscue(P3) Pain, Posture, Performance

BioSignature Practictioner(Level 1) PICP

Jessica was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana where she grew up completely surrounded by sport. As a well rounded athlete she enjoyed swimming, running, and soccer most of all. After an unfortunate knee injury and subsequent operation, she took to the sidelines to attend LSU in Baton Rouge. Jessica graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences and began working full time at the local running store, Varsity Sports. In addition to expanding her knowledge about running and fitness in general, she has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the business apect of things from the store's owner and local legend Jenni Peters. Although Jessica was always a successful runner, she credits Jenni for re-introducing her to the love of running in recent years. In 2010, Jessica was given the opportunity to open Varsity Sports' third location in New Orleans, Louisiana where she lived and trained for over five years and has been with the company for over 11 years.


In 2010, Jessica began running and competing in triathlon and quickly pulled the trigger to train for her first full marathon and Ironman in 2011. She qualified for the Boston Marathon and the Ironman World Championship on her first attempts at each distance. Jessica took a year off in 2013 and a had rocky 2014 race season, which motivated her to step back into the training ring in full force and claim the overall women's title at Ironman Florida in 2015. In addition to five full Ironman distance races, she has competed in various 70.3 and sprint distance triathlons as well. 


As a wife and client of husband Will Jones, Jessica has been exposed to and absorbed much of his passion for training, racing and coaching. She completed her Ironman U certification and has coached many to achieve their triathlon and/or running goals in the past two years.  Jessica has gained some quality experience working with athletes of all levels from beginner to experienced in both running and triathlon.

B.S. in Biological Sciences (Louisiana State University)

Ironman U Certified Endurance Coach

2015 Ironman Florida Champion

2x Ironman World Championship Qualifier


Dustin’s career in cycling started with him racing as a junior in 2008 for the New Orleans Bicycle Club right after graduating high school. From there he fell in love with the sport of cycling due to its fierce competition, complex strategies, and the comradery of racing with teammates and friendly rivals. After his first season, he went on to Louisiana State University where he is credited with revitalizing the LSU Cycling team and represented LSU in collegiate racing. There he learned more about the science of exercise while gaining first-hand experience by continuing to train and race for LSU.

Dustin has a strong scientific background which comes from his study of kinesiology but also from his experience working in multiple laboratories within the Pennington Biomedical Research Center which includes preventative medicine, skeletal muscle physiology, and human metabolism. This experience in the world of scientific research has greatly deepened his understanding of how the body works at the smallest of scales.

His coaching career began with an internship at 4th Dimension Fitness where he worked and studied under William Jones and learned the practice of endurance coaching. During this time, he took up triathlon as a second major sport and has competed in several races ranging from sprint distance to long-course races. He has coached a multitude of endurance athletes of all ages, backgrounds, and ability. As a coach, he challenges himself to bring his scientific background and racing experience to the forefront of his coaching services to offer a well-balanced program to his athletes.


Dustin holds the following certifications/positions

B.S. Kinesiology [Fitness Studies], Louisiana State University

M.S Kinesiology [Exercise Physiology], Louisiana State University

USAC Level 3 Coach

Head Coach, Tulane University Cycling Association

Kinesiology Instructor, Southeastern Louisiana University


CHOOSE YOUR discipline

Our athletes, ranging from all walks of life and all experience levels, can testify to the effectiveness of our training programs.   The simple fact that makes 4th Dimension stand out from the rest of the coaching programs is that we get just as excited about a client that achieves a PR at the back of the pack as one that wins a medal or trophy at the front.  Success is measured by the athlete!


CHOOSE YOUR discipline

Our athletes, ranging from all walks of life and all experience levels, can testify to the effectiveness of our training programs.  The simple fact that makes 4th Dimension stand out from the rest of the coaching programs is that we get just as excited about a client that achieves a PR at the back of the pack as one that wins a medal or trophy at the front.  Success is measured by the athlete!


"I wholeheartedly credit Will Jones and 4D racing for helping me stamp my ticket to Kona."


"The science and the structure of the workouts keeps me moving up the finishers list."


" Any coach can write workouts, but Will carefully considers many variables to ensure that every workout has a purpose."


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